The ceremony, attended by metals and engineering sector movers and shakers, saw HC Heat-Exchangers walking away with the 
Most Innovative Company of the Year Award 2019

The judges were impressed by the work done by HC Heat Exchangers’ improvement of its offering by using its expertise to afford clients an opportunity to replace existing equipment that had an insufficient life cycle.

“Through designing and supplying this solution, the company moved away from being one of the many suppliers offering a commercial product to becoming a partner supplier and offering a complete solution to suit customers’ needs,” the judges stated.

HC Heat Cape Town Branch


HC Cape TownIn any given moment we have two  options: to step forward into growth or to step back into safety – We have decided to go with option
one and are proud to announce that our HC Heat-Exchangers’ Branch in Cape Town is Now Open for business!

Thank you all for your continuous support🐧 

Give us a visit – Unit #3 Garnett Park, Drill Avenue, Montague Gardens







The 2016 SASSDA Columbus Stainless Steel Awards are a clear indication that the local stainless steel sector is home to a wealth of world-class products and skill.SASSDA

We are proud of our team for coming back from the Award ceremony with 2 Certificates, from 5 entries in the different entry sections of the SASSDA Awards and competing against many other great companies from various industries. In tandem with the increased number of entries and winners the awards’ judging panel was doubled in size to 12 industry experts from the fabrication, architectural, environmental, catering and welding sectors to name but a few.

Looking at the enhanced stature of this year’s awards Sassda Executive Director John Tarboton says; “After the huge increase in the number of entries and winners as well as the number of categories, we truly feel that the aim of the awards has been realised; namely to boost the growth and development of the local stainless steel sector. The hype created around the awards also means they’ve been invaluable in terms of raising awareness of stainless steel and its myriad of uses and applications within the local and global economy.”

“It’s with great pride that the HC team is recognized for our continuous strive to improve ourselves and push the boundaries of development. Thank you SASSDA for this recognition.” – Robert Kruger

We recently received our ISO 3834 certification and are now accredited to international standards.SAIW

Welding quality is of utmost importance to many manufacturers. ISO 3834 is a recognized international quality management system specific to welding processes and applicable to fusion welded metallic materials and independent of the products manufactured. It is also a process control system that ensures welding integrity and fulfillment of the design intent. Welding, therefore, requires continuous control and the use of specific procedures.

HC Heat-Exchangers now has proper and professional:
• Systems and processes in place to manage welding operations.
• Competent people to undertake key welding and responsibilities
• Facilities and equipment that is able to deliver a quality product per the contract

The objective of ISO 3834 is to promote confidence in the quality and safety of welded products as well as maximizing the use of local industry in domestic products and maintenance programmes. For selection of quality level welding, HC Heat-Exchangers shall use the ISO 3834/2 prior to the appropriate engineering judgement in making a final selection, taking all business, safety and environmental risks into account for the equipment being manufactured.

ISO 3834/2 is the level concerning the following comprehensive quality requirements:
Ø Critical safety
Ø Complex welding
Ø Advanced materials

We are tremendously proud of our team for accomplishing such a procedure and undertaking training seriously to ensure that HC keeps producing products according to these international standards.

On 7 October 2016, HC Heat Exchangers launched its new groundbreaking Dew Maker product with an open day at its premises in Johannesburg.

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Based on assessment carried out on December 1, 2016, HC Heat Exchangers’ workshop in Elandsfontein, Gauteng, was certified under the IIW Manufacturer Certification Scheme for the management of quality in welding in accordance with ISO 3834 Part 2 – Comprehensive Quality Requirements.   African Fusion talks to Hans Banze, the company’s responsible welding coordinator.


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Water is the planets most precious resource, and is one which is becoming increasingly scarce.  Millions of people still face critical water shortages, particularly when it comes to having reliable access to clean drinking water.



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By recognising and capitalising on the need for custom-engineered products in the HVAC&R market, HC Heat Exchangers is able to thrive in a tough local manufacturing market.hc heat-exchangers


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